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Our Goals

According to a study by the National College Attainment Network (NCAN), 62% of college tennis players of color do not have scholarships, compared to 38% of white college tennis players. Additionally, the average endowment for PWIs is 16 times larger than the average endowment for HBCUs.


Advantage Love is currently developing a merit-based system for selecting the top players of color who aspire to play tennis at an HBCU. Our goal is not only to enhance the talent pool at these institutions but amplify and accelerate the development of the respective programs as a whole. Furthermore, we aim to support the development and dreams of players of color who desire to train with the best in preparation for college and professional tennis careers.

Full Rides for HBCU Tennis Players

Our aim is to allocate resources for the top tennis players of color to attend an HBCU of their choice, while also providing funds to elevate the quality of the program at the institution. This includes improving the adequacy of the facilities, staff, and training regimens to make them competitive with the top PWI tennis programs.


Scholarships to IMG Academy

Talent must be nurtured and high performance development is seldom inexpensive. Our goal is to annually award full, four year scholarships to award at least two tennis players of color, enabling them to attend the world-renowned IMG Academy.


Career and Community Development

With the support of our our partners, we aim to utilize the concepts of effective tennis play to highlight the strengths of our scholarship recipients, emboldening them to create fruitful career paths and be esteemed community leaders.

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